Dedicated Professional Team
with Enthusiastic Attitude

We provide one-stop design and decoration engineering services for our Clients from large international commercial engineering projects to residential design projects. With our high-quality, creative and innovative design which always give our Clients a distinguished experience to taste the excellent use of space. 

We commit to innovating, researching and providing our customers with intelligent and design solutions that fully embody value, and to promote innovation, enthusiasm, flexibility and confidence to our Client’s needs. Our team works closely together with our Clients, dares to innovate, pursues progress, and contribute our value to the society.

Our company

VT Design Engineering Co. Ltd. was established in 2018 with its headquarter based in Hong Kong, where the company was formerly known as Built Professional Design & Build Co. and has started its business as early as 2005. We offer distinctive architecture, interior and master planning design services for the luxury residential, corporate, casino and hospitality markets


Attentive Service

We share your concern, we listen and care more than you do. We are here to serve you not only through a department, it is our entire company.


We have burning desire for success in our heart and soul. We treasure every connection on each project and we endeavor to meet and exceed our Clients expectations.

Trusted relationships

We act in your best interests and uphold the highest standards of integrity and competency. We commit ourselves to build trusted relationships with our Clients by keeping our promises and honor the important of good relationship is always precious.

Our Client